ARTBA is investing TMAW resources to help:

Highway Trust Fund Fix & Transportation Infrastructure Package

ARTBA’s #1 priority in 2020 is to continue aggressively pursuing enactment of a permanent revenue solution for Highway Trust Fund programs and a significant boost in transportation infrastructure investment. Complementing this core mission, we are also working hard to help our state affiliates boost state and local funding and engaging in federal litigation to protect the transportation infrastructure market.

Congress is currently debating a surface transportation reauthorization to replace the 2015 FAST Act, which expires in September 2020. In July 2019, the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee unanimously approved a five-year highway bill—America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act (ATIA), which represents the largest boost in highway investment through a reauthorization bill in more than 20 years.

To help create political pressure for congressional action, TMAW is executing a carefully constructed education and advertising campaign in Washington, D.C., that provides a transportation infrastructure vision for the Trump Administration and congressional leaders to invest in and the messaging they can use to support it with voters. Driven in part by opinion research and focus group analysis, it includes creative materials and ad development and a strategy involving social, digital, cable and print media.

Operation of the ARTBA “Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™” (TIAC)

Now in its seventh year, the Center is devoted to helping move the transportation infrastructure funding needle at the state and local levels. TIAC activities are wholly reliant on TMAW contributions. Its centerpiece webiste,, was refreshed in 2019. TIAC tracked 305 state and local transportation investment ballot initiatives and about the same number of legislative funding proposals. The year-end result: 30 state legislatures passed measures estimated to generate $7.7 billion in one-time and recurring revenue; voters approved nearly $10 billion more in new and recurring transportation investment. The Center’s 31-state grassroots advocacy network and an 85-person Council helps guide the operations, which includes an annual national workshop and numerous reports and studies.

National Coalition Support

Through TMAW contributions, ARTBA provides leadership and financial support for coalitions and organizations that back our surface transportation investment and regulatory agenda in the Nation’s Capital. These include the 31-member Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC), which ARTBA co-chairs, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce-led Alliance for Transportation Mobility (ATM), the Waters Advocacy Coalition, the Construction Industry Safety Coalition and The Road Information Program (TRIP). ARTBA’s support helps make possible coalition advocacy advertising campaigns, research projects, and special events.

Legal Advocacy Program

TMAW contributions also make possible ARTBA’s participation in federal litigation to protect its members’ market and business interests. One of our cases, heard in 2017 before the U.S. Supreme Court, is challenging the EPA’s decision to expand the definition of the “waters of the U.S.” under federal law to incorporate ditches abutting road projects. ARTBA also recently won a legal challenge that allowed Maryland’s Purple Line light rail project to move forward, which has major national implications for the future use of public-private partnerships in the transportation market.

Digital & Social Media Outreach

ARTBA bolsters its direct and grassroots lobbying efforts by providing its members with the third party-provided “Phone2Action” grassroots action platform and “Transportation Construction Advocate™” app, as well as digital and social media messaging generated by staff partially supported through TMAW. These activities target members of Congress and other policymakers about pending transportation policy issues.

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